Earning from YouTube 2020: Your ultimate guide to making money on YouTube

Perhaps you have seen many articles and courses about profit from YouTube , but most of them do not provide you with enough information, especially if you are interested in this field you want to create a successful channel with a large number of subscribers and views.
This article that you are going to read my friend is a comprehensive guide for beginners and professionals and everyone who wants to profit from YouTube 2020, where we will answer many important questions and put you, God willing, on the right path to obtain the largest profits from this wonderful field.

Profit from YouTube

First, let’s start with this important story, as I was sitting in the cafe with one of my friends and we brought up a topic on how to profit from YouTube, so he told me that this is easy, all you have to do is publish some clips and attract viewers, record football videos, goals of some players, or even do Registering TV programs, then sit back and see the money in your account …
Perhaps my friend is not only the one who thinks this, but many beginners. Once I set up a YouTube channel, he thinks directly about taking videos that are not his and making a montage, which means that he will get profits easily.
Brother, you should know that earning from YouTube requires time, effort, and perhaps investing some money. Never think about stealing videos, because if you want to work in this field, you must be the one making that content.
Does this mean that YouTube has no earnings?
Of course not, my friend. If that was the case, I would not have seen the biggest artists rush to add his new song to his channel through YouTube before he even spoke about it in a TV interview.
For example, the revenues of the song despacito , which has so far won the largest percentage of views in the world, amounted to more than 80 billion dollars , and even Arab channels are achieving excellent profits.

Certainly, you are now convinced that YouTube is the best if you want fame and make money at the same time, so it is time to let you know the way to work and the way towards making a fortune from YouTube.

where do I start ? How do I create a successful YouTube channel?

To answer this important question, you must first know the answer to these points :
• Who will see my video? Because when you answer this question, you will know the target audience of your channel.
• What kind of content do I offer to people?
• Is someone currently working in the same field that I want to join or is it new? This will enable you to see channels that work in the same field that you want to start and start in, and thus help you to get many ideas.
Why was this channel created? If your purpose is only materialistic and you do not like the field in which you will start, you will never succeed because profits need to work and love the field for success

• How do I maintain the quality of the content over time? Inevitably, if you choose a field you like, you will always strive to improve the quality of your content, whether it is in terms of sound or image quality, or both.

If you are still confused, my friend will give you ideas to create successful channels.
Educational and technical channels
What skill do you master? Are you good at designing through Photoshop, web design and templates, Android application programming, or other educational and technical skills? Create a channel to benefit people, as many seek to obtain such information in a free way. People will benefit from your experience, and you also enjoy working in a field that you love, and therefore earning money from YouTube for you will be easy.
Note: This field considered it the easiest area to profit from YouTube for beginners , especially that what you need is a computer to photograph your lessons or your mobile to explain some Android applications and work on them.

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