UnityAdsVideoCache : remove ads from your android Mobile device

The Solution is very simple, the folder named UnityAdsVideoCache , it’s generated via any app that shows commercials internal it, such advertisements want to be saved in the smartphone memory, the first time they may be shown, in cache form, the next time it’s far shown, if you’re now not linked to wifi or 3G / 4G, you can see the advert.

There are many ad companies that show ads within apps and keep advertisements saved in memory of your phone- UnityAdsVideoCache, in which case it’s run by Unity. It’s look like being created as a result of the presence of an app which you have installed this carries advertisements. Several one-of-a-kind culprits are diagnosed in this thread: If you want to recognize whether or now not you could put off this folder … Yes, you may take away it with none problem. But doing away with those advert folders is not any use, because when you operate apps with Unity ads again, this folder may be created again.

I actually have a solution! to remove UnityAdsVideoCache folder from your android device please Follow these steps below :

1– flip off wireless and 3G/4G temporarily (so that the offending app can’t communicate  with the out of doors world)

2. Search the UnityAdsVideoCache folder.

3. Delete the folder.

4. Open the menu then select add new folder

5. Rename the document as “UnityAdsVideoCache”.

then now the ad folder remains far away from your phone (UnityAdsVideoCache folder). When the app tries to feature the folder, it will fails with a reason “That document already exist.”

 This might not work depending on the version of your Android device but then again…It might  and is an smooth factor to try/do, –with a  purpose to simply hide those files from being presented by some apps.

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