Make money by creating campaigns to plug CPA offers

This is the golden strategy to earn money easily and with none effort (you are going to be the manager and you’ll employ workers to try to to the tasks and you’ll win ninefold what you spent on one worker), you simply need an easy investment from 2 to three dollars to start out with, and if you are doing not have the money i will be able to teach you ways to urge this money to start out your business.

Trust God Almighty if I read the entire blog and correctly execute the steps, then I will guarantee you a good profit from the money without effort away from the primitive ways of profit that are tired and a waste of time and do not bring profits such as the PTC sites and others. . If you’ve got any questions, write me within the comments.

What are the CPA offers?

It is for the bidder to pay you in return for bringing someone who performs a task determined by the bidder, for example (an offer that needs people from a specific country or from all countries to enter an email, first and last name and phone number, and the offer owner gives you an example of a dollar or two for Everyone does the job on your way.)

This looks good so far , but the foremost important question is

How are we getting to persuade people to try to to the job?
The first solution: the utilization of free methods is to market offers and convey people through your site or Facebook (it will delete your link) takes an extended time and has many obstacles and that i don’t recommend it.
The runner-up , fastest, and easiest solution is to offer money to people in exchange for that task and
you will win 10 times what you paid for each person!
If the offer pays you $ 1, we will give 10 cents or 0.10 for each person performing the task, as in the following formula:

$ 1 paid to you by the bidder – 0.10 cents you pay to the person or worker = 0.90 cents, net profit

It sounds good too, but there is another question

Where are we going to hire people or workers to do the job?

Simply put, there are sites called microjobs websites. These sites are registered with a really sizable amount of workers, and their job is to perform the tasks in exchange for paying them alittle amount of cash from 0.01 to $ 1, counting on the problem of the task.

In order to find out the tactic well, we’ll provides a step-by-step example:

First: We bring a CPA offer

There are many sites that provide hundreds of CPA offers, but I have chosen the best and easiest way for you to register and accept you on the site, as some CPA companies refuse to hitch them if you’re not satisfied together with your decide to market the offers.

We go to cpalead and register the company from here , as in the explanation below

Click on the red sign up with google to register with your email address

Click the blue sign up with facebook to register with your Facebook account

After completing registration on the site

We choose offers as in the following image

We search between offers and choose the right offer (the best is email submit)

The CPA offer that we chose (you can choose the offer you want. I chose this offer for example only) gives $ 1.45 for every person you bring from America us, there are international offers that mean you can bring people from all over the planet , but during this offer we chose The person must be from America exclusively.

When you click on the display, the subsequent popup window appears:

Then we press copy to copy the link of my father’s offer. We will promote and bring people to it

We take the link and paste it into Twitter, Facebook, YouTube or any platform (the best blogger blog), then we take the blog link and go to, which is the second step

Second: We promote him and bring him people to do the job

In order to find the right people or workers in order to implement this offer, we go to the keenworkers site and register in it, which is the site of microjobs whose jurisdiction is to provide you with a group of workers in order to carry out the task you specify in exchange for paying them. There are other sites similar to this site, but I preferred it for the following reasons:

1- You can make a deposit with a minimum of $ 3 while the rest of the other sites require a minimum of $ 5 and $ 10 for a deposit.
2- you’ll make a deposit through the Payer Bank Paypal Bitcoin Dogecoin and LiteCoin, while most of the opposite sites only provide Paypal.
3- If you’ve got a balance on the location collected by working as a worker to perform the tasks, you’ll use your balance on the location to form a campaign instead of making a deposit
4- When creating a campaign there are not any restrictions on the worth of the campaign (for example, you specify the worth that you simply want to offer to the worker after the task has been successfully implemented)

Click on create account and follow the registration steps. It is easy as in the following image

From the home page, click on my compagin (meaning my campaigns – here you’ll see all the campaigns that I even have created and you’ll also create new campaigns from here)

The next window will open for you, click on create new compagin to make a replacement campaign, and you’ll see all of your ongoing campaigns

You can create a campaign for the subsequent purposes: –
Marketing the cpa show
– to urge subscribers to your YouTube channel and watch a video for 10 minutes, for instance …
– Profit from referrals when registering using your referral link and
others ..

The following window will appear

select category – choose the campaign’s classification, for example, in the case of displaying the CPA, we choose sign up or email submit, and if we want subscribers to our YouTube channel, we choose youtube

select file proof – which is to prove that the worker has executed the task as requested by him,

workers do not have to upload any files as proof – if you do not need a screenshot shot from the worker

Workers can optionally upload files as proof – let the employee decide if he wants to send you a screenshot after completing the job or not

workers are required to upload files as proof – in this option the worker is obliged to send you a screenshot of a screenshot that shows you that he has fulfilled the task you requested from him

how many workers needed – Specify the amount of workers required was 10, 30 or 100

workers will earn – set the wage that you simply want to offer to the worker after the task has been executed (the task during this example is that the CPA offer) was 0.01 or 0.10 cents or more or less counting on the problem of the task

compagin title – task title, for example (easy sign up – usa only) Here we have specified the name of the country from which we want workers to implement the task, which is America only

write compagin description – write a detailed description of the job

required proof – the proof that you want from the worker after the task is implemented, for example, you want to send you the email that you register with the mission or a screenshot of a screenshot showing that he has completed the task perfectly

After filling in the required fields, click on create new compagin to send after this to the site manager to approve the campaign, and approval usually takes less than one day

As in the following illustration:

We go to my compagin to see if the campaign is approved

pending – means pending approval

active – The campaign has been approved

As in the following figure

Now we just have to wait for the workers to do the job, when the worker does the job, 1 work will appear as in the following figure

Click on 1 work to approve or reject the work performed by the worker as shown within the following figure

Here, the worker has executed the task as requested and is awaiting your approval or rejection

approved – to accept the work and give the worker the wage if he has properly run out of work (a note that does not accept work unless after making sure that you simply were paid within the cpalead company from which we took the offer to market it), or

rejected – to refuse to figure if it doesn’t perform well for the task because it should or didn’t send you proof of completing the task as requested by him

Note: In order to create a campaign, your balance must contain an amount of money, and in order to obtain the money there are two ways:

The first: to work as a worker and to execute tasks until you collect a small amount of money to create your campaign

We press JOBS to show us the tasks page, press view on any one we choose as in the illustration:

Then we show the next page

1 – The title of the assignment and the country (in this example, the employer requests one comment – the workers to be employed from all countries of the world)

2- Task details (here ask to go to the link and then write a comment)

3- Mission information (here the worker earns $ 0.02 after completing the task, the task success rate compared to previous workers who have executed the mission 82.35, the number of vacant places 20/14 means 14 workers were successfully employed and the remaining 6 workers are required to employ them to perform the mission)

4- The proof required from you to send it to the employer after completing the task (here he asked you the name that you simply wont to write the comment)

5- Here you enter the mission verification data (write the name here)

Then you click on complete this task then await for the approval of the owner of the task or work. After his approval, the amount will be transferred to your account balance

Second: We make a deposit, we choose deposit and deposit now as in the following figure

To show us the next page, we choose the appropriate payment method for us

Here I have explained the golden way to earn money, remains your determination and implementation of the steps correctly and we ask God for success. Whoever has an inquiry, he can leave a comment below and may God’s peace, mercy and blessings be upon you.

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