How To Get Free Traffic To Sell Clothes For Print On Demand

Hi, everyone welcome back to another tutorial.  I like to talk about online entrepreneurship. I’ve been selling on print on demand for years. And what I like to do with thisarticle is share helpful resources to help you guys out.

If you are a print on demand seller, then you’ve probably heard of Teespring, Redbubble and Merch by Amazon. And it’s actually true that they all do marketing for your listings for you,

but the question is : what does that actually mean? In this article I’m going to explain three things:

First, I’m going to explain what is the actual marketing that each one of these sites does for you?

Second, I’m going to explain what the actual traffic numbers are that they’re getting to their site every month. And

third, I’m going to explain how to take advantage of all this traffic to sell more shirts.


Now, first things first, let’s dive right into what are the different types of marketing that all three of these sites are going to be doing to help you sell shirts.

1- First, let’s talk about This is one of my favorite sites to sell print on demand on because not only are they going to

  • add your listings to their marketplace, but they’re also
  • going to do paid external marketing for you.

I’ll break down all of their paid external marketing, so, you know, what’s going on behind the scenes.

2- Number two, we have another great site to sell print on demand. They will

  • just be adding your listings to their marketplace, but this isn’t so bad, I’ll explain why in a bit.

3- Number three is Merch by Amazon. This is Amazon’s version of print on demand. Again,

  • they’re not going to be doing any paid external marketing for you like Teespring does.However, wait till I get to the traffic numbers and you’ll see why this is such good marketing on its own.


So, now that we’ve covered the basics of what kind of marketing is going to be done for you on each one of these three sites. Now, let’s get into

what kind of traffic comes to these sites on a monthly basis?

As far as traffic goes, I’m going to break each one of the three sites down into three categories. First is going to be how many people are visiting that website on a monthly basis. Second is going to be average visit duration, so how long they’re actually staying on the website when they come and visit you. And third is going to be the average amount of pages viewed during that visit.

First, let’s start off with Now, for all three of these sites, these numbers are really going to blow your mind. But on average, every month, gets roughly 14.27 million visitors. That means every month there are over 14 million people going to Teespring and looking through their shirts. Now, let’s talk about the average visit duration of these 14 million people per month. The average visit duration of people going to Teespring is roughly two minutes and 31 seconds and further for each one of those people viewing the site they’re viewing an average of 4.08 pages. That means on average, over 14 million people are going to Teespring per month, when they get to the site, they’re staying there for over two minutes and they’re going to roughly four different pages. Now, if those numbers don’t blow your mind,

let’s get into’s is average monthly traffic is around 17.9 million monthly visitors. The average visit duration for each one of those is roughly 4.25 minutes and they’re viewing on average 5.5 different pages. These numbers for are even higher than,

but wait, until we get into Amazon. As you guys likely already know, once you create a listing for Merch by Amazon, it gets listed on the Amazon Marketplace. So, essentially all the people that go to are a potential buyer for your Merchant listing. So with that said, let’s look at Amazon’s numbers. Amazon’s monthly traffic is roughly 2.19 billion monthly visitors. The average view duration for these visitors is seven minutes and six seconds, and the average amount of pages they’re viewing is 9.12 pages. These numbers are astronomical. So as you can tell, all of these sites individually, get a ton of traffic. But as I mentioned previously, although Teespring gets the lowest amount of traffic at 14 million per month, they do additional paid external marketing for you.



So, let’s break down what that paid external marketing actually is. Now, for you guys if you go into your account, and you go to the settings page, you can see all of the additional marketing they’re going to be doing down in your increase your sales section. Now, essentially how this works is you want all of those to be turned on and it’s going to be zero cost to you as a seller. You’ll never have to pay anything to Teespring. How it works is if Teespring does this paid marketing for you and they get a sale, Teespring will take a split of the profit to cover their paid marketing. So, just know by having all of these turned on, you may not see the biggest profits when a sale comes from one of these. However, the reason to have them on is because you will be getting additional sales that you wouldn’t otherwise be getting if you didn’t have them turned on. Here’s the breakdown of what these actually are and what it means behind the scenes. So, the first thing Teespring will do for you is called basic retargeting and actually really like retargeting the reason is because it’s extremely effective. Basic retargeting alone accounts for roughly five to 10 or more percent of an increase in sales. Now, what retargeting is, is essentially this. If someone comes and sees one of your listings on and they don’t end up actually buying it right there, and they’re. Well, Teespring made a note of who that person is. So, as that person goes on tomorrow or next week, searching around the internet, Teespring will serve reminder ads, kind of showing that shirt again to the person to kind of refresh their memory and be like, Oh, I almost forgot about that. And then it’ll bring them back and they can make the purchase. The way that this works is almost every website on the internet sells advertising space it’s a way that websites can make money. So, what Teespring does is they use the information they collected about the user to track which websites they’re going to. And when that user goes to a well website, Teespring purchases ad space on that website and shows the listing that the person viewed from Teespring, it creates an extremely relevant advertisement for that specific viewer and this works on a large scale. So, Teespring can do this for all of your listings. Every person who’ve used it if they ended up not buying it, Teespring will retarget that to them on different websites. Now, the second thing that Teespring does for us in paid external marketing is called boosted re-targeting. Now, this is the exact same thing as basic retargeting, except it’s going to be with premium ad spaces. Now, some websites out there are very big and very reputable so they can charge premium average. So, if an advertiser wants to pay to have their ad on that website, they have to pay more money. So, this is essentially what boosted retargeting is, is it’s the same as basic retargeting, but on premium websites. So, what this means for you and me is basic compared to boosted if Teespring makes a sale through basic retargeting, they’re split that they take out of your profit is going to be smaller. If the sale came from boosted retargeting, where they had to spend more on the advertisement, then their split of the profit will be a little bit bigger. Now, keep in mind through all of this, no matter what you’re using, you will still get profit and you’ll never be charged. It’s just the split of that overall profit that Teespring uses to cover their expenses from the paid marketing. The third thing that Teespring will do for us is called boosted product-listing ads. And essentially what this is, is when someone’s searching on Google, they search for something that’s relevant to your listing. Teespring will pay to have a Google advertisement of your listing, so, it will be relevant to that search and someone can click on it, go right over to your Teespring listing and see your shirt. Now, the awesome thing about Google ads is that when someone is Googling something, it typically means that have buyers intent. They’re looking for this type of shirt because they want to buy it. So, by having an advertisement on Google chances are the people that click on it and go over it and view your listing are ready to buy something. Now, the fourth thing that Teespring will do for you is email marketing. So, Teespring has collected millions of emails and they send out relevant emails based on what people have viewed, what people have bought in the past. And by having this option turned on, you have the ability to have your listings included on emails that are and to certain people. So, this is awesome you don’t have to worry about opening up a Shopify store or something to collect emails so that you can do your own email marketing. Teespring has already built up the list. They have segments. They have tags on people for what they’re interested in just let them do the work for you. Now, the fifth thing that Teespring offers for us is organic Google ranking. So, you just turn the switch on and essentially your listings will show up in Google Organically. Teespring is such a powerful website they carry a lot of weight in Google ranking. So by enabling this, it allows your designs to organically show up in Google search results. Now, these six thing that Teespring will do for you, which is absolutely awesome, is called the Teespring boosted network. Now, by having this one turned on, it makes all of your listings eligible to be listed in seven of the world’s biggest marketplaces. This is awesome because you don’t have to lift a finger if Teespring likes it and it meets all their criteria and they want to list that shirt. They will list it in one or all seven or more of huge marketplaces out there. The top seven marketplaces that I’ve seen that I think are the biggest where your designs can be listed are,,,, and Now, with Amazon you may be thinking, can I still do Merch by Amazon? Yes, you can still upload your designs to Merch by Amazon separately. And if Teespring chooses to list your item in Amazon, you will get that exposure as well. Now, I wanna be clear by having this turned on it does not mean that if you upload it to Teespring, they will put it on all seven of these marketplaces for you. It simply means that your listings are eligible to be listed on these marketplaces. Now, there are definitely a couple of tips I can pass on to you from experience to increase odds of being selected and listed on these marketplaces, and here’s what they are: one is to make sure that you don’t have any spam in your titles or descriptions. Don’t make your titles or descriptions full capital letters. Don’t put things that are really click baity or things that Teespring wouldn’t want to promote and put their reputation behind. Number two is make sure that your titles descriptions and most importantly, your designs are family friendly and not inappropriate or controversial or something that Teespring again, wouldn’t want to put their reputation behind. And third Teespring is often looking for holiday or event driven designs because when the time comes around for the holiday or the event, they need to pick out their best designs that are in that category to put over on these marketplaces. So, if you have great designs based on these holidays or events as that time comes around, Teespring will be looking for great designs to integrate into these marketplaces. So with all of that being said, what does this all mean for you? We know where the traffic’s coming from. We know what each one of these sites is going to do for us. So, what do we do with this information? The best way I can put it is to think of this, like a fishing operation. This will really make this click for you. So, imagine the story where you are a fishermen, and you’re given this whole section of this river. Now these big sites, Teespring, Redbubble Merch by Amazon, they will direct you millions of fish down your river every single day completely for free you don’t have to lift a finger on doing that. Now, you can catch as many fish as you like and every fish that you catch, you will have someone go out and take the fish off the hook, reset it, and put it back in the water. If you have all of this at your disposal, you have tons of fish coming in, you have people to take the fish off the hooks for you. How are you going to catch the most fish? Now, a lot of people in print on demand go with the strategy of creating a couple, really exceptionally good designs, and then trying to drive their own people to it. The example for this would be crafting a few really good lures and putting them in the water and then trying to drive our own fish into the river with the millions that are going to be coming anyways. Now, yes, you will definitely be catching fish because your lures are so attractive to them, but you’re also going to be spending money on bringing in your own fish when there’s millions coming down the river every day anyways. Now, on the other hand, the strategy that I personally use and recommend for you guys is creating as many great designs as you can. And just letting them do the marketing for you, bringing all the traffic to see your listings every day. How this would show up in the fishing equation is if you can create thousands of different lines in the water with not exceptionally, really, really complex great lures on them, just great lures on them. These millions of fish that are going to be coming down the river every day, they’re going to be hitting these lures and biting them. Now, you’re going to have someone to take the fish off and put it back in. If you have thousands of lines in the water with great lures on them and millions of fish coming by every day, you’re going to catch a lot more fish than if you have a couple lines in the water with exceptionally good lures on them and the same millions of fish coming down. The secret key to this fishing example on why it represents print on demand so well is because for every fish you catch, you have someone to take that fish off and put the lower back in the water. Just like print on demand every time someone buys a shirt, they will print it and ship it for you and realist that design. You don’t have to lift the fingers if you were a single fishermen or a single t-shirt seller, as you scaled up and got more orders, you wouldn’t be able to keep up because you would have fish on every line. You wouldn’t be able to take them off and reset them in the water fast enough. Just like with shirts, you wouldn’t be able to print them and ship them out fast enough. However, with print on demand, they do all of that for you. All we have to worry about doing to grow our business is creating an uploading more great designs. So, the last thing in this video is a key fundamental takeaway that I want you to remember. Every time that you get a sale on Teespring, Redbubble or Merchant by Amazon, you make money, but they also make money. With that said, when they see that people like your designs and they’re buying them, they will start to move them up in their marketplace or do more paid marketing for you so that you get more exposure and get more sales. What that means is more money for you and more money for them. They are on our team to get us the most sales possible because every time we make money, they make money too. So guys, that’s it for this video. If you enjoyed it, I really appreciate the thumbs up. I’m going to link up two helpful videos for you guys, a full tutorial on how to use print on demand and a full tutorial on how to create great designs. With that being said, if you have any questions let me know down in the comments and I’ll be seeing you guys in the next video.

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