6 best websites to earn from small tasks online or microjobs

If you have a little time and need money quickly, then small jobs (paying the same day in cash) might be the perfect opportunity for you.
These are often online jobs that you can do from home, This makes it an ideal way to earn additional money
However, despite its flexibility, the jobs can be somewhat competitive, and salaries are not always high. However, if you are in trouble, you may be a great source of additional income, and often pay cash.

6 best places to search for Micro Online jobs

There are many small job sites offering options for workers who want to get paid to complete tasks online. You can also combine several types of small businesses, such as Android software downloading and testing, and completing surveys

1- Swagbucks

Swagbucks is a small business website that rewards points for what you usually do online. You can earn Swagbucks (SB) points by shopping at major online stores like Amazon and Starbucks, or by conducting surveys, watching videos and playing games. Swagbucks also has a mobile app that allows you to earn points on the go.

One thousand points is $ 10, and once you reach that point, you can start redeeming it for cash or gift cards at major retail stores like Walmart, Amazon and iTunes. Sometimes they have special offers where they receive gift cards with discounts much less than their regular cash value!

2- InboxDollars

Like Swagbucks, InboxDollars is a small business website that allows you to earn money by completing your regular online activities. You can earn money by conducting surveys, watching videos, reading emails, playing games or doing other small businesses online. If you shop online, you can also earn your cash, get free samples and access free coupons to use for food, beauty, at home, and more.

Instead of earning points, InboxDollars pays in cash. Profits differ for each type of activity.

According to InboxDollars, studies pay up to $ 5. You can earn cash and money to complete free games and puzzles. Members can request payment at any time as long as their account balance exceeds $ 30. You can access your income at any time, but if you require payment when you have less than $ 30, you will be charged for this service.

3- Fiverr

Are you a talented designer, artist, writer or musician? If so, consider selling your services through Fiverr, an internet marketing company with a concert that sells every 4 seconds!

One of the best online recruitment sites, Fiverr has facilitated 50 million gigs (and counting) at prices ranging from $ 5 to $ 10,000.

To start working with Fiverr, register and create your own profile. Once you’re done, prepare your concert. You can decide what kind of concert you offer, what services you will provide and what price. For example, you could offer a $ 10 logo design or a 500-word email for $ 20.

If you don’t know what to offer or how to rate your services, check out similar offers. See what they do and use this as a guide. Fiverr also has a resource bank for articles to help you get stuck or confused.

To get a concert, you can bet on requests (initiated by someone looking for a service) or allow customers to come to you. After contacting the customer, you will agree to any conditions not mentioned in your list, and then you will work on the project.

Once your work is delivered, Fiverr transfers the payment to you after marking the order completed. You will receive 80% of the cost of the ceremony, and Fiverr will take 20% of the total cost. Otherwise, Fiverr will not be charged to join or transfer your services.

4- keenworkers

micro jobs website where a member can earn money in one of two ways
1- as worker : Perform simple and simple tasks such as downloading and testing applications, completing surveys, publishing on social media platforms, translation, writing articles and others..

2- as employer : if you want to promote a CPA offer or a site that pays you to refer you to a specific person, so you can easily bring a huge number of workers from the site, pay them some cents or dollar accourding to job difficulty and earn more than you paid for the workers who completed your offer.

Payment and deposit methods are Paypal, Payer, Bitcoin, Litecoin and Doge
The minimum withdrawal and deposit is 3$ only

5- clickworkers

As an employee, you can earn money by clicking tasks like text corrections, writing online, conducting surveys, or categorizing data. Clicker also uses people to sift, copy, test applications and create short audio / video recordings. Work is flexible, and you can do it anywhere on your schedule.

Since you can work for Clickworker in USA, Germany and some other countries in the world, you can choose weekly or monthly payments via SEPA (European Payment Service) or PayPal. To get started, fill out a free user profile and complete your skills assessment. Do a good job on the grades and will suit the best jobs.

You will receive payment upon completion. Payment varies according to the task, with more complex work being paid. You can request an immediate payment of the balance in your account when you reach five euros (about $ 5.61) to pay with PayPal or ten euros (about $ 11.22) to pay in your bank account.

6- Appen

Appen provides extensive data for machine learning and artificial intelligence applications for retail, transportation and other industries. This data helps extend the scope of image recognition and transcription, and personalize search results.

To expand their data sets, Appen hires employees to do remote work online from home. They hire people to rate applications, perform online search assessments, and perform linguistic tasks such as transcription and translation. All this works on a computer, so before applying, make sure you have a headset and a laptop in working condition.

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