5 ways to get money with your phone

A modern gadget, without which we cannot imagine ourselves today – a mobile phone – cost us dearly. But we don’t even think it can help make money.

You will not become rich, but the money earned from phone app, it is enough for coffee…

Here’s how to get started:

1- Sell your photos : You can earn by uploading photos to stocks. But does this involve filming, then throwing one? What happened on the computer, sorting photos, choosing a good site, where to download it, then promoting it. It would be nice to shorten the process. Foap is a free app for Android and Apple devices, and it is only intended for this purpose. Simply take pictures from your smartphone with your favorite photo app, then add them to Foap. Almost any image can be sold if the company deems your image appropriate. This applies to cute pet pictures, vacation photos, and even food shots if you have these. There are no restrictions on the number of images uploaded to the site, and you will get $ 5 for every sale. If you want to download more, Foap offers sites where big brands pay hundreds or thousands to get the photos they need.

2- Perform small tasks to win big : Get the Field Agent app (Android and Apple for free) and create your own profile. Then take some pictures of any kind. These could be pictures of your pet or the juice you drink. Once registered, you will be able to receive real requests. Their salaries are paid from $ 2 to $ 12 for work, which may be a little bit, but if this is something that can be done without leaving home, then this is very good. Agent platform says that since its inception, it has already paid more than $ 4.5 million to the agents. Part of this amount may be yours if you take action now.

3- Get the money back to buy The app: which is one of the 20 most popular apps in the USA – Ibotta (Android, Apple, Free) provides instant discounts on the places you buy. It can be used when purchasing merchandise in online stores, for example, Amazon, Best Buy or iTunes. Money returned from Ibotta can be sent to a bank account using PayPal or Venmo. Or turn it into gift cards for Best Buy, Starbucks, iTunes, Amazon and other online stores. This may seem unreasonable, but this free app really works. I hope that in the near future there will be an instance of application applied to our country.

4- Pay the expenses For business people, freelancers and contract workers, travel expenses are very important. You spend your money in the hope that the company or customer will return this amount.You need an easy way to prove to the company or client that you actually spent the money on purpose, usually this is a check. But who wants to collect and carry a set of receipts? The answer is the Expensify app (Android, Apple, and Windows Phone for free). It automatically creates reports directly from the receipt image. The app will contact your bank account or credit card to withdraw transactions for which you do not have a check. Finally, it is compatible with major accounting software for easy reporting.

5- Share your opinion and get the money Be it a product, brand, movie, TV show, politics or anything else, you sure have your say on everything. Now you can get rewarded if you share this opinion. A US company launched the Ipsos Institute, which specializes in market research, a service “I-say┬╗ – ‘i – say’ (http: // www. Komando. Com / cool – sites / 299767 / tender – your – opinion) You – and – and get – the money.) After you register, you will be sent a search on various topics. Notifications come via email, or you can check the website periodically. The site can be accessed from a computer, smartphone and tablet. The average user receives about eight studies per month. Each fully completed survey get you additional points that you can use to exchange gift cards or American online store products. In addition, for every completed study you get a chance to win a prize: ticket, TV, gift cards and much more. Obviously, with “I-Say”, you’re not going to get rich, but that’s fine for a little extra income. You can also be the happy owner of the gift card or tool that you have saved for a long time.

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