4 Steps To Create A Successful YouTube Channel In 2020

today’s article I’m gonna show you guys the four steps that I use to grow and to create a viral YouTube channel so this is the case study YouTube channel that I just recently started and it was it’s only about I think it’s about five months old and it’s already making about it’s about  2,000 views per day, so I’m gonna talk about the four steps that I use to start a channel and then to grow make a channel go viral so this is still not borrow yet it’s kind of gone semi borrow that as you can see with this graph and I’m gonna show you how to make it really go viral but with those tens of thousands of views or even hundreds of thousands of views so:

these are the four steps right here:

1- so the first step is niche research :

2-  second one is video research :

so to make a video video within that niche and then after you’ve made about 5 to 10 videos you have to

3- analyze all of those videos

4- Growth

so you need to check which one of those videos are doing well which ones didn’t do well and then after you do some analysis then you start uploading videos within that analysis so let’s say you’re making like a a cooking channel and people really like videos that you make on let’s say cooking chicken and then you should only start focusing on videos on that topic

so I’m gonna show you exactly  about all of that in this article and after you do that that’s when you start seeing some growth as you can see right here it really started growing then your channel will just be baro baro forever you have to kind of constantly keep analyzing keep redoing things and then if your channel starts to drop again you have to analyze the game and then start growing it again so that’s the kind of the cycle that I figured out and it’s always kept all of my YouTube channels at the top,

so I’m gonna show you exactly how to do that, I’m gonna show you guys

1- the first step which is niche research :

so I’ve made plenty of videos on niche research before but I’ll just quickly go over it right now, so the first thing you do is just open up a new tab and go to the incognito tab on Google Chrome or on Firefox or just sign out of your YouTube account but I recommend just going to like an incognito tab and then going into youtube.com , so the reason that I do this is because the homepage is usually filled up with a bunch of videos that you prefer to watch so if you signed into your personal YouTube account but if you signed out or if you just use an incognito tab it’s gonna show you videos that people are watching worldwide, this one’s only two weeks old but it’s got five hundred thousand views I guess the the Joker movie is trending so that could be training as well something about bees right here so there’s an entire channel on just bees so this is the first way of doing a niche research so you could either just have no idea let’s say you have no idea on what to start a YouTube channel on this is the best way to do just check what kind of videos are trending and then whatever niche that is trending in that’s your niche so if you feel if you know things about bees

the second way for niche research is let’s say you actually have a specific idea or a niche that you want to start it so in my case let’s say I’m passionate about design so I like making design videos so I’m just gonna type in design and I’m gonna hit search and I’m gonna click on filter and I’ll click on this month so this will show me all the videos that are going borrow this month so the recent videos that are going viral so I’m gonna click on filter again and leave one this month and click on view camp so this will show me all the videos that had the highest amount of views within the last month so these aren’t the type of videos that I make it’s not designed like nail designs it’s more like design nests and like web design or app designs and things like that and see if there’s any videos going viral in that niche

so it looks like it’s mostly like oh these like nails and makeups and all of that so I might type in like design actually be a bit more specific and just type in a web design so I’m gonna click on filter again click on this month click on View count I’m looking for something that’s more like you know into hundreds of thousands of views so I might type in something like Photoshop so I want to make videos on Photoshop let’s click on this month and click on new count and it looks like this one’s going borrow so this one’s like you know nine hundred twenty nine thousand views Photoshop myself four hundred four hundred thousand views so this looks like it has it has a mission so people want to learn Photoshop so that’s a channel that I could start so this one said I wouldn’t spend you know like two minutes on just nice research I would spend a lot longer and I talk more about that in detail and my course so that’s four that’s the first part so let’s say my channel is gonna be about one of these which is about fishing or bees or about Photoshop something that I’m actually passionate about so

2- the second,third and fourth all together  :

so for this you’re gonna need this software called vid IQ so to do this you actually need the paid version but you don’t have to do that but it does help so I would recommend just using the free version anyway so it still helps, so let me just show you what it is so let’s say I’m gonna do a video on Photoshop so I need to find videos that are actually going viral within my niche which is about Photoshop so I’m just gonna go and type in Photoshop let’s just type in Photoshop tutorial and I’m gonna come down to this section right here so if you just install the free version you’ll see all of this right here but if you only have the free version you won’t be able to see this section called trending videos


the total number of views you don’t need to worry about this this one right here at this graph called the views per hour it shows you if this video is trending or not so I’m trying to look for a graph like the hockey stick graph so it should be going upwards so this is kind of going downwards so that means this video isn’t going viral so I’m gonna come back and check on this video maybe a few days later but it’s it’s telling me that this video is not going viral so I’m gonna make this is not a good video to replicate so let’s go back to another one so this one’s called glow-in-the-dark portrait Photoshop tutorial let’s go up here so this video is kind of going borrow it’s getting about three hundred fifty two views per hour which is pretty good and but I still want something else that’s more bottle so I might go into

the filter go into this month click on view count and this one’s got one hundred and sixty two thousand views so this guy’s channel I’ve actually seen it before it’s called pics and perfect so I’m gonna go into this channel and I’ll show you guys another method as well let’s just go to this video from pixel perfect  so this video what is this let me just pause that right there so this is this guy’s channel he’s got one point six seven million subscribers so I’m gonna go to the video section right here and then click on trending so it’s gonna show me all the videos within this channel that are trending so what I do is I look for videos that were uploaded within the last three months so this video right here was uploaded two months ago and it’s got seven hundred and two thousand views so that’s pretty good this one’s got so this one it’s uploaded four days ago and it’s got thirty three thousand views let’s just check these two right here so I’m just trying to look for a video so I do this before anytime before I actually upload a video to this channel or any other channel and I do this so you have to do this that’s how you actually get those views of all of that so looks like this

video is going viral anymore so was going borrow quite a bit quite a long time ago like November to 2019 and then it just kind of dropped so that’s not a good video let’s try this one so this one it looks like it’s kind of stable but it looks like it might go viral so it’s so this is what you do just keep looking and looking and eventually you will find a video.

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