Number 11, “What is the earnings breakdown “from the three sites for me personally?”

That’s a good question and it’s a little bit biased because I’ve been on some of the three sites longer than others. However, I would say that Merch by Amazon and Teespring are about tied for earnings. And then Redbubble is definitely below them. With that being said, I have been on Teespring longer than Merch by Amazon so you can factor that in as well. No matter what way you put it I highly recommend being on Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon because they are all three really big earners. This brings us nicely into question number 12, and that is, “Can you upload the same exact design to Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon? The short answer here is yes. All three of those sites are not exclusive, so if you create one design, you can upload it to all three of those sites separately. Number 13, this is a great question, and thank you for asking it. I don’t often talk about it, but is a really big point, that is, “What type of business entity do you have to register for print on demand?” The answer here is you don’t actually have to register a business at all. Anytime an application or something in print on demand asks for your business name or organization name, you can use your first and last name. You do not have to go out and get business permits or set up a business entity for print on demand. Now, as you start to grow print on demand, I would say somewhere around $50,000 per year, it might be smart for you to start looking into creating a business entity just for your own protection, keeping things organized, and being able to properly make business deductions. With that said that is not required at all just something to think about as your business starts to grow. Question number 14, “What about all of the other free print on demand sites?” What I would say is that I’ve used a lot of these out there and I would treat all of the others that are not Teespring, Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon, just as backups. I would first put all of your time and designs into the top three and then if you find yourself down the road, not creating more designs, then you can take the designs that you’ve created and also list them on the other websites. They are not going to bring in as many sales as the top three, however, it’s just good backups and it helps you diversify even more. Question number 15, “Where do you get inspiration for new designs?” This is a great question. And I just go around and search the internet. Sometimes I’m even in a restaurant and I see something on the wall and I’ll jot it down on the notes in my phone. Additionally, I’ll go through different websites like Etsy or Pinterest and just get ideas and jot things down in my notes as well. Then the next time that I’m creating designs for print on demand, I just put all of those ideas into t-shirt templates and it works really well. I can understand that this process could be different for every person. However, that’s the way that I personally do it. And I can recommend it to you if you want to give it a try. Question number 16, “How do you change the order of items “on a Teespring storefront?” This is something that definitely should be easier. However, if you go into edit the products that are available in that storefront, you can use the star icon and it’ll prioritize that item and bring to the top. If all else fails, you can archive a listing from your dashboard and then reinstate it and it’ll go to the top of that storefront as well. Question number 17, “Are motivational quotes too broad of a niche.” The short answer here is yes. Unfortunately, I do think motivational quotes is going to be too broad of a niche because it’s going to be hard for you to target the right people and then bring them into your storefront and keep the content relevant to them. I think if your niche is motivation, it’s just going to be far too general because you’re going to get motivated cyclists or you’re going to get motivated business owners, or motivated yoga people. Motivation spans just a bit too big so I would focus down your niche a little bit further. Question number 18, “How much marketing does Teespring, “Redbubble, and Merch by Amazon do for you?” This is a great question and they all do different marketing for you, but I’ll break it down by monthly traffic to their sites, just to put it in perspective of how much traffic they’re actually getting for you. Teespring gets roughly 17 million visitors to their site per month. Redbubble gets roughly 19 million visitors to their site per month. And Amazon gets roughly 2 billion visitors to their site per month. All of these people are going to be browsing through the marketplaces and seeing designs. The more designs that you have in those marketplaces, the more views you’re going to get. Additionally, these sites do email marketing, they do display ads, they do retargeting so if someone views one of your listings, as they continue to go around the internet, it will follow them around as a reminder that they saw that product before. But just rest assured that they all have full marketing departments, where their sole job is just to get more people to view their marketplace. Question number 19, “I’ve seen designs on marketplaces “with copyrighted content in them. “Why are they still up?” The short answer here is they made it through the filter somehow, and they will be taken down as soon as someone finds out about the content. So just because you see something that is copyrighted does not mean that you should be creating that content as well. Moving right along question number 20, “What is the biggest barrier to becoming “a print on demand seller?” I really like this question. And I think the biggest barrier is actually ourselves. When you’re starting a new business, it’s not going to be easy and it’s going to take a lot of hard work. This is not just for print on demand, but for any new business that you’re going to start. It’s going to require you to push yourself and work hard and there’s going to be a lot of times that you have doubts about if it’s going to work. I think the biggest barrier to becoming a print on demand seller is getting yourself past all of these doubts, staying optimistic, and continuing to put in hard work before you’ve started to see the profit coming in. Question number 21, “Can you buy your own items for Teespring “to get your trust score?” I wish this was the case because it would be so easy for everyone to get their trust scores. However, no, you cannot buy your own items. They will not count towards your trust score. Question number 22, “Is it possible to profit without paying for ads “in print on demand?” The short answer here is yes. I’ll link up the full tutorial down in the description. It shows you how to do free marketing using Instagram and you do not have to have a following built up already. So to keep this one short, yes, you can do it without paying for any ads. Just have the right strategy. The video will be linked down in the description. Question number 23, “Can we use google images for our designs?” This is a yes and no type of answer. Yes, you can use images that are on Google as long as they are copyright free. No, you cannot just go to Google and search for images and use any of those. You can sort Google images, search results by if they are copyright free. However, this is not 100% accurate. If you modify the image and make it your own or put text over it, or just customize that image and the image is copyright free, then you can absolutely use that in your designs. Question number 24, “Have you found a best time of day “to be posting on Instagram?” I have tested this and it’s really funny that you asked this because I spent a lot of time testing this and looking at the analytics to see when the best time of Instagram is to post. What I have found is for every page, the audience is different. So the best time that your audience is on Instagram is going to be different for every niche storefront that you start. So the best time to post when your audience is on Instagram is going to be different for every person. I would say, just mentally, make a note if you posted it in the morning, see how many likes you got, if you posted it in the evening, see how many likes you got. Test this a few times and see if you can pick up on any patterns. I wouldn’t put a ton of thought into this. I put way too much into it and just to find out that it’s different for every page. Moving on to question number 25, “How do you stay motivated to keep making “more designs every day?” I wish I had a secret or an easy way for you guys here, but it really comes down to just be willing to put in the hard work and trust that the process works. You really kind of just have to be irrational in the beginning and you have to just push yourself through putting in work and not getting profit right away. Once you see the profit start, then it’s reassuring and then it’s easy from then on out. Now very quickly, there are three bonus questions that I wanna put in this video, starting with the first one, “My design has a white background when I upload it “onto a print on demand site and when I made the design “it had a transparent background, what is going on?” Just look at how you sent that design. Typically, if you’re creating the design with the transparent background on your phone and you’re emailing it to your computer, sometimes the email provider will convert that to a white background image. So just see if you can find a part in your designing and uploading process, where there is a possibility that it changed from a transparent background to a white background. The second bonus question here is, “Is there a free niche finder?” This is in regards to niche research tools and the free one that I would recommend is merchant former’s free day trial. I know that’s not entirely free. However, it’s the only one that’s using print on demand data. So it’s the only one that I can really recommend for print on demand. The three-day trial has full functionality, so you’ll be able to do as many searches as you want, but that’s what I would recommend for the free option. With that said, if you go out and try to find a niche research tool and it’s free, I don’t know that I would use it just because it’s free because you may not be getting accurate data. So you might actually be hurting yourself by trying to save a couple dollars. So with that said, just use merchant former’s free three-day trial. That’s where I would start. And the last question here, this is the third bonus question. This is, “How do you get more people “to your Instagram page?” The short answer for you is look at your hashtags, make sure that you’re posting good content about your niche, but then look at your list of hashtags and make sure that one, they’re about your niche, and two, they’re not about t-shirt or print on demand or anything to that regard. Finding good hashtags in your niche and trying new ones on different posts is definitely a part of the process. And you will find that some hashtags perform a lot better than others in your niche. So guys just like that, that is it. That is the second video. If you haven’t watched the first one, I highly recommend it then you’ll get the full effect of all 50 of these questions. But hopefully, that has answered a lot of your questions. As always if you have more, let me know down in the comments and feel free to look around the channel because there’s a ton of videos on there that answer a ton of questions in detail. With that said, I hope you guys enjoyed this one and I will see you all in the next video.

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