Printify T-Shirt Quality For Print On Demand, Is It Worth It?!

printfy is an online print on demand company they offer a wide range of different items that are available for print on demand today we’re going to be talking a little bit about what print on demand is the type of quality that their actual products have and show you guys some of them that they have actually printed for me talk about why i love them so much and why you guys should try them as well and a couple of other fun pieces of information so without further ado guys let’s go ahead and jump and before we hop on in

if you guys do not already know i actually do print on demand with printify and I’ve been working with them for over a year and a half now i started my print on demand business back in march of 2019 where i started selling t-shirts over on etsy i still continue with them till this day literally wear all of my shirts i make through them

let’s jump on into it first things first maybe you don’t know what print on demand is let me explain print on demand has been like this crazy booming industry within this past year print on demand is essentially an outsourced printing company so the way the printfire works is you create a design to go on an item it could be a pattern it could be some words a quote a drawing a graphic whatever you want to do you actually create that design and you can then place it on items that printify offers so they have an entire catalog of crazy different things that they offer from t-shirts to sweatpants to socks to um bedding or blankets two bellows notebooks hats i mean it the list is never ending you guys will just have to go and check out their website to honestly just scroll through there and check out what things they offer i do this so many times honestly and like whenever they have new things come out because i love getting inspired and trying to find some new things i can do print on demand with but the way that printfy actually works is once you have your design you pick an item to place it on and they will help you list it on either your shopify and etsy or even amazon once you have your design and you pick the product that you want to put it on they actually help you to list it on your ecommerce website there whenever someone orders the actual item they receive that order they take it they actually produce the item for you and will ship it on to its new home and you don’t have to do a single thing so all you are doing is being able to focus on creating new listings and new items and then you’re focusing on your own branding or marketing of the item what i love about this is it’s such amazing passive income you literally don’t have to lift a single finger you do not have to make the items and you do not have to ship the items it is wonderful because you don’t have to keep a storage full of inventory you don’t have to order six or seven shirts up front and then try and sell them all it is awesome super low cost to get started i would literally say the only cost that you’re going to face or if you have a listing charge like for etsy to you know pay like 20 cents for your listing okay it’s free to sign up you do not have to pay to have this membership with printfy i like i said i’ve been using mine for a year and a half now and love them if you guys want to learn more about print on demand i do have a couple of videos all about them that i will link down below and i’ll link my favorite informational kind of like tutorial one up here so you can go and check it out after this video now let’s jump into i want to really talk to you guys though first about my true experience with printfy i like i mentioned at the beginning of this video i’ve worked with them for over a year and a half and they actually reached out to me for this sponsorship about two months ago and i was so excited when they wanted to reach out and work with me because i already love and use their company so much i use printfy for all of my t-shirts in my etsy shop and love using them they create really high quality prints they allow me to have those one-off individual designs or shirts they allow me to have a much more broad range in color selection and the turnaround time is very very fast guys i have tested them out compared to my local print shops and no one matches up to their quality and their time literally i mean there are local places that i wish there are local places near me that um i have tested before and they just do not match up to printify it’s awesome because you literally don’t have to store inventory whenever someone actually purchases an item is then when you only pay for it up front they have super low comparable costs on there and they offer so many different actual printing companies so the way this works is printfy is the big old over company and there are a ton of printing shops underneath them that they use for these different services okay so you can actually choose which ones you want to pick so let’s look at an example here on the screen i love ballet and canvas t-shirts they’re literally my favorite i use them in my shop and i love the quality now there are a ton of different print providers that actually do bella in canvas shirts and as you scroll down you can look through and you can compare you can look at where they’re actually located are they in the us or your country so you’ll have better shipping times for that which then you can look at your shipping time you can look at your colors available as well as the actual price of their item because it varies from store to store you might pay for a higher cost in a shirt if the shipping is lower or they offer more colors right so it’s definitely up to you to scroll through and find some of your favorites some of my favorites are the dream junction as well as monster digital i also love the dtg to go um those are some of my favorite ones and they have amazing quality you guys like they are absolutely phenomenal like i love them i love how they get the job done they do it in a timely fashion and it’s such high quality once you have made your design decided on your product and who you’re going to actually print it with and let’s say you get your first order in and they make it for you and they ship it off you’re probably wondering like what does it look like when they ship it it actually is shipped in just a plain white poly mailer um and they have very basic packaging nothing that shows that it was from printfi or this other printing company um it is just white polymer it is very simple very basic it says that it comes from your store so it looks like your packaging that you did and that is what i love about burntify2 is that it’s so low-cost and so budget-friendly and such an easy thing to get started up with which is why i loved it when i was first starting because i didn’t have to invest in hundreds of poly mailers and and postcards and tags and tissue paper and stickers right you can leave all that behind and not worry about it and focus just on creating awesome products that get to the people quickly so now i’m going to show you guys up close what some of these actually look like and you’ll notice in this video actually in itself i’ve been wearing this t-shirt right here which is actually created by monster digital through printfy and i love this tea this is my plant lady or flower lady tea is what i like to call it sorry i have my ipad this is my little plant lady t-shirt that i have in my shop and this is the really pretty heather peach bella in canvas shirt i love the fit of these i think they’re super comfy super soft and they wash so well you guys so this is white ink and a lot of printing companies sometimes have issues with printing um direct-to-garment printing on white ink or screen printing sometimes even white ink and it’s showing up really well but you can literally see here in this shirt that this is such a high quality design like i’m gonna get closer for you guys too so you can actually see here but look i mean just look at that ah i love how their printing looks like i said it is such high quality and guys honestly places literally do not even compare to this i have compared it to a local print shop before to test out what my local people do and it is nowhere near the same quality like it is not guys like i have had such a hard time even finding anywhere that compares or gets close to printify um and that’s why i love using them i mean it literally is so easy is like someone ordering the item you pay for the cost to actually produce it and then ship it and then you keep the profit and you can mark up your profit as much as you want that is totally your decision on where you price your items just depending on how much you’re actually paying for like i said they have a ton of different ranges let me show you some more examples though because i have another t-shirt and a swatcher for you guys i’m gonna hold this one i’m gonna actually hold this one up a little closer so you guys can actually see um here’s one of my best sellers in my t-shirt shop it’s my beach bum tee and this is really what it looks like guys i mean that is close up on it so you can literally tell it is so nicely printed on here it looks so high quality there’s no like pilling or peeling there’s no edges coming up it is very opaque it’s not like broken or distressed looking like it is a very solid white i love using white designs and so that was really important to me that they still looked really high quality and now let’s look at a sweatshirt so this is a gildan sweatshirt um this is like their sport gray color and i love how this looks when it’s printed on here i mean check that out you guys like it is so nice like it it’s not a vinyl so it’s not raised it’s not gonna peel off it’s not gonna come off in the wash on the first try it’s not gonna get all broken and cracked in the wash i mean it is such high quality and i really hope you guys can see in that detail there but it really gets the color deep down into the threads and gets it really embedded in the actual item and i just think it looks amazing you guys are always asking in the comments of my other print on demand videos which print on demand companies i use or recommend or personally use from my shop and printify is the one that i literally use a 100 percent of the time i am always using printfy i use it for all of my t-shirt designs and they are literally a company that i trust and have built trust with and have grown that relationship with over the past year and a half and to bounce off that i want to talk a little bit about their kind of customer service and their tech help that you get whenever you are using their website one of the greatest parts about printfy is that when you have an issue or a concern you are able to talk to a person they have either their little messaging button down in the corner or if you have a specific question about an item that you have an order for you can request help through it it’s a very simple easy click-through process where you can tell them what went wrong if something was wrong or if you have questions you need to change something there’s an issue of any kind they will send you an email the people on there are the sweetest they get back to you really really quickly and they have the answers and solutions for what you need there have been so many times where i’ve had a customer that needed to change their address at last minute and i’ve been able to do it with printfy they’ve been able to help me and reach out to the print provider and get it done and taken care of i’ve had ones that needed to be cancelled or needed to be replaced with a different item or a different color and it has been no issue at all they truly do strive on having great customer service and i think that’s what makes them stand out i feel as though i’m really getting the help that i need when i have a concern overall just to kind of touch base again some of the things that i love the most about printfy are the ease of setup and integrating it with different shops or e-commerce websites as well as the low startup cost because you literally only have to pay when someone purchases an item which is amazing when you’re starting out and wanting to start a business it’s such a low barrier of entry that literally anyone could start a print on demand business and you can sell on so many different platforms too i love the quality that they offer i love the different varieties in shipping and printing providers i love that the items come neatly packaged as well as their high quality designs the sweatshirt that i showed you guys earlier i literally put through the wash two times already and i have shirts from over a year and a half ago when i first started my business that i wear every single day and i’ve been through the wash not every day i still have t-shirts from printfy that i have used from monster digital and all the other print providers that i mentioned earlier but they have lasted for literally over a year year and a half and i probably wear them once a week so they go through the wash a lot they don’t crack they last a long time the designs stay on the shirt there’s still a great high quality opaque color they don’t fade over time like they’re ugh they’re just amazing guys printfy overall is a company that just provides a lot of great quality items low barrier of entry and just allows you to start a business for such a low cost and it allows you variety and allows you to be creative with your items to customize and do designs that you love or want to share once again i want to thank prince5 for working with me on this video i hope that this review was informational and helpful if you’re looking for a print-on-demand provider or if you’ve been debating on whether or not to use printfi as mentioned throughout this video this is my honest opinion you guys if i had a negative thought or opinion that i needed to share with you guys i would have brought it up in the video but this is the only print provider that i love to use and i use a hundred percent of the time with my personal business and i’ve been using them for over a year and a half and have not had issues i mean they just absolutely crush it in the print-on-demand game they they know what they’re doing they have the experience they have the different varieties of printing warehouses and locations to offer you the items that you want at the price you want to make them and it’s literally unbeatable like you’re not going to find prices like this from your local print shops around you you’re you’re just not they do it for the cheapest price and the highest quality possible not to mention they can totally make your business a hundred percent passive and i do want to talk about that just a smidge before we go because a lot of you guys have asked me because i personally love love love print on demand because i love the quality and i love the speed and i just love the variety of items that it gives you but i also like packaging the items myself and sending them off that is absolutely 100 a thing you can do too if you don’t want to use their plain white packaging and you want to actually be in charge of shipping you can place an order for them to come to you first and then send it off to your actual customer this is something that i do in my business as well because i love doing that kind of branding for me as well but when i first started off and i was like building the business i did not do that for literally over a year guys in this business and that’s why i love it because you can pick or choose which one you want to do you wanted to be passive and not focus a ton of time on it or do you love doing the shipping and making it look pretty and packaged up at the end you can have best of both worlds and that is totally up to you as the person and the business owner and which one you think is gonna work best for you so let me know down below guys have you used pridefy before do you like it what are your thoughts i want to hear down below in the comments let me know i’ll be responding back to you guys if you guys are interested in using printfy or you want to go and check it out i will leave an affiliate link down below i do get a small commission if you sign up through me um but it’s you know i’m just leaving it there for you guys to go and check out i will be linking for you guys down below the printf i link so you can go and check it out you will i will be leaving a link for print to find down below if you guys want to go and check it out honestly go spend some time just like surfing through their different catalog of items they offer for print on demand you can get so inspired and there are so many cool business ideas that you can start literally today if you want to right here on the screen i’m going to put for you guys that print on demand video where you can learn more about print on demand and some different tips and tricks that i like to use for my businesses as well as an entire playlist full of videos you might enjoy watching next i’m also going to put my subscribe button over here so you guys can stick around on my channel for more videos just like this one and guys that’s gonna bring us to the end of today’s video i truly hope that you enjoyed it and without further ado guys that brings us to the end thank you so much for watching i will see you all in my next one bye guys

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